Scheduling System

Our Staff / Resource Scheduling software is a powerful set of tools designed to assist you in defining and managing users, shifts, skills, locations, and other factors make up your organization. Schedules can be shared / managed by individual Department heads and end Users to ensured complete coverage and eliminate resource scheduling conflicts.

Current customers include Community Healthcenters, Hospitals, and other similar Organizations.

Learning Management System Online Training / Testing / Certification

Our Training / Testing system can exist as a stand-alone system or can be integrated with our other products. A full Learning Management System (LMS) can quickly get in to the tens or hundreds of thousands of dollars based on type of system you choose and the number of users you need to reach. We are trying to bridge the gap and provide a powerful yet cost-effective solution in a space that can often preven the people that need it the most from being able to afford it. The systems allow for individual users to register and "attend" online classes. Users are able to view training videos or presentations on a topic and can then be tested on the material using our secure and comprehensive testing module.

Custom Development

We plan to expand our existing products into new verticals and to expand our product line when it makes sense to do so. Please contact us if you have a development need and would like to discuss possible solutions. We may be able to develop a new product line or simply develope a custom system for you.